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Taking Care of Toronto

Welcome to the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 79, a union of approximately 20,000 workers at the City of Toronto, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) and Bridgepoint Hospital.

We take care of your kids

Thousands of our members work in delivering fun, safe programs for Toronto’s children. Local 79 members deliver a lot of the programs you’ll find in the Fun Guide.

We also are the City’s child care providers who look after and educate your children while you work. You’ll find us at Thomas Berry Child Care Centre, Malvern Child Care Centre and over 55 others.

We’ll teach your child to swim in the aquatics programs and we’ll watch over them when they are in one of Toronto’s 230+ pools like Centennial, Olympium or North Toronto. We also ensure that the water quality is maintained and meets all health standards. You’ll see us watching the wading pool and checking the water, teaching the children and making sure they don’t run and slip.

We take care of the elderly.

We tend to the elderly and the infirm and those who need a hand.

You’ll find us at Bridgepoint Hospital and 10 long-term care homes including Bendale Acres and Castleview Wychwood Towers making sure that your parents, grandparents and all of those who are elderly and infirm are well looked after. Sometimes, they’ll need some help to get up and sometimes they’ll need tending to, medicine, fresh bedding or just comforting.

We’re more than caregivers, we are friends. Routine, a familiar face and trust are so important when caring for the elderly. We are proud to work with these people who have given so much to our city.

We provide social services to people of all ages such as teens who are struggling or who are on the street, families who need a safe place to go and the mentally ill who need a voice and an advocate. We also help new Canadians find employment and transition into their careers and lives.

We take care of your health.

We are the ones who visit new moms and babies and make sure they are healthy and have what they need. We help rehabilitate the wounded and sick in ways that will enable them to get back to their lives, quickly and safely. We administer immunizations and protect the city from outbreaks that can severely affect the old and the young.

We take pride in our city.

CUPE 79 members have been taking care of Toronto for more than 70 years. We have helped to build the Toronto we all love. It’s a great City and we love to be a part of your day, every day.

To find out more visit WWW.CUPELOCAL79.ORG