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We Take Care of Toronto's Youth.

In Toronto, we value public services. Make sure your candidate for City Council does too! Find out how CUPE Local 79 takes care of you.

Thousands of our members work in delivering fun, safe programs for Toronto’s children.

We’re the working people who help your children discover nature in the city. We’re the teachers and coaches and trainers who help you with your backstroke and your bridge game. We’re the ones who make Toronto’s rec centres, housing and shelters clean and safe. This is a great city, and we work hard to keep it that way.

We also are the City’s child care providers who look after and educate your children while you work. You’ll find us at Thomas Berry Child Care Centre, Malvern Child Care Centre and over 55 others.

We’ll teach your child to swim in the aquatics programs and we’ll watch over them when they are in one of Toronto’s 230+ pools like Centennial, Olympium or North Toronto. We also ensure that the water quality is maintained and meets all health standards. You’ll see us watching the wading pool and checking the water, teaching the children and making sure they don’t run and slip.

To find out more visit WWW.CUPELOCAL79.ORG