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TV Ad Launched to support Good Jobs, Great Services

Four locals of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), in contract negotiations with the City of Toronto, have launched a TV advertising campaign in support of bargaining.

“This ad reminds Toronto residents that these frontline workers are responsible for the great services we all depend on,” said Linda Thurston-Neeley, CUPE’s Regional Director in Ontario. “And while these workers take great pride in their work for the city, they face the same challenges many of us do – unstable jobs lacking reliable hours and predictable shifts.” Thurston-Neeley added half these workers are part-time or temporary.
The ad, featuring members of CUPE Local 79, the Toronto Civic Employees Union – Local 416, and the Toronto Public Library Workers Union – Local 4948, will air on all local Toronto stations over the next three weeks, beginning today.
“For these workers, the goal of this round of bargaining is improved stability – our objective is not costly gains, or shifting part-time jobs to full time, but changes like predictable shifts or hours of work that make it easier for these city employees to schedule their lives,” said Thurston-Neeley.
“We are committed to avoiding another round of devastating cuts and concessions that would destabilize jobs and hurt services,” Thurston-Neeley added. “We are looking for the city to take a different approach to negotiations, and work together to find solutions to the challenges we face.”
The television campaign begins just after “no board” reports were issued for both Local 416 and Local 79. Both locals have been in bargaining since October. Local 4948 is scheduled to begin bargaining later this week. Together, the three locals represent about 30,000 city employees.


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