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What we do.

We take care of Toronto.

From our city’s most vulnerable neighbours to its most valuable resources, Local 79 members are out there helping in countless ways. Because care doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes people with the right skills, experience and empathy to bring it to life. Every day, thousands of those people work hard to make Toronto the city we love. And we’ve been doing it for more than 75 years.

We help Toronto’s little ones grow.

Our members provide great programs for our city’s youth, like the programs you’ll find in Toronto’s Fun Guide. Others of us are educators, teaching children critical skills at places like the Thomas Berry Child Care Centre, Malvern Child Care Centre and more than 55 other locations. And of course our members nourish the children in their care, preparing thousands of healthy meals every day for diverse diets.

We’ll teach your child to swim in Toronto’s many aquatics programs and watch over them when they’re in one of the city’s 230+ pools like Centennial, Olympium or North Toronto. At our rec centres, members provide safe spaces for children and adults to learn, play, and come together with their neighbours.

We’re there for those who need support.

We’re more than caregivers — we’re friends. Every day, our members offer a helping hand and a friendly face to our elderly, infirm and disabled neighbours across the city. You’ll find us at Bridgepoint Hospital and 10 long-term care homes making sure that your parents and grandparents are getting the care they deserve. Our members are proud to support those whose lives have contributed so much to the fabric of our city.

We provide social services to people of all ages, including youth who are struggling, families who need a safe place to go, and those with mental illness who need an advocate. We help new Canadians find employment and transition into their new lives. Whenever we can, we give Torontonians access to the resources they need to stand on their own.

We keep our city safe.

We’re the professionals who work with your favourite restaurants to ensure they’re sanitary. We help keep Toronto’s drinking water among the best in the world. The grocery stores, apartment buildings and construction sites in your neighbourhood are safe thanks to the diligence of our members.

When buildings are built to code and safety standards are met, it’s because a Local 79 member was there at every step of construction. We make sure that city lands are used properly and everyone respects the bylaws that keep our neighbourhoods orderly. If you have an emergency, we’re the ones who make sure help is on the way.

We help you stay healthy.

Our members care for new moms and their little ones, making sure they’re healthy, happy and have everything they need. We help our wounded and sick neighbours get back to their lives quickly and safely through rehabilitation. The immunizations our members administer across the city protect Toronto from dangerous outbreaks.

We keep things running.

We’re the ones who make sure your best friend gets get home when he’s lost. We maintain the records for your home taxes and ensure your taxis have the right permits. Parks need to be open for everyone to enjoy, so we work hard to make sure they are year-round.

We work with your favorite neighborhood stores, barber shops, mom n’ pops and food markets so that they can stay in business. By carefully zoning our communities, we ensure that everything’s right where it’s meant to be.