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Where does the 2015 City Budget take us?

Toronto’s 2015 Budget spares Toronto some of the deep cuts to services we have seen since amalgamation, but Local 79 does have concerns in a few key areas.

For example:

  • The proposed budget reduces homelessness services at Streets to Homes and the Parks Ambassador program;
  • Rather than including the 3 new Youth Lounge spaces that were promised last year as base funding, they have been rolled into the Mayor’s Poverty Reduction Strategy; and
  • The Budget does not include adequate funding for child care spaces.

On top of these shortfalls, the Mayor announced that he will seek further cuts to cover an $86 million budget shortfall. These cuts will put more pressure on Divisions.

Please visit the following links for more information about CUPE Local 79’s comments on Toronto’s Operating Budget 2015, alternate strategies for funding services, and what some of our community partners are saying.

Comments on the 2015 City Budget:


Take a look at the great work that looks at alternative funding strategies:

 Visit the websites of our community partners:




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